How to add/delete/complete a sustainability measure?

Modified on: 2022-05-18 11:40:05 +0200

Once you have created a sustainability impact in Continuous improvement, you can start working with sustainability measures.

To add a measure:

To add Measures, click the + sign in the sustainability impact. A popup item rises on the right hand side:

Add the necessary measures and click ‘Add Measure’. The Measure is now visible, linked to the sustainability impact. 

There are several categories of Measures:

Categories of Measures

Internal Policies and procedures 
Any activity related to changing or introducing new policies or procedures (e.g. new recruitment policy, new procedure to record working hours etc.) in own company or in business partners, service providers


Any training activity whether delivered to workers or received by company management 

Consultancy Service 

Any contract to expert to provide advice or drive a change process in the company 

Compensation or Restoration 

Reimbursement, payments or restoration of victims rights (e.g. reintegration of children in family, compensation of unpaid overtime) 

Investments or Technology

investments in machineries or hardware 
Anything not covered before

Completing Sustainability Impact and Measures

As your Company completes the Continuous Improvement activity, there will be a need to mark the Measures and Sustainability Impact as ‘Complete’.

To complete or edit a Measure :

- Click on a Measure. The toolbar will pop up on the right. Select Complete (you need to click twice, to confirm):

If you do not wish to complete the measure, but edit it or delete it, you can simply pick the right button in the right hand side pop-up.

Please note that deleting a measure once it's been completed is not possible. 

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