How do I request a Risk Assessment, as a member?

Modified on: 2022-10-17 15:59:20 +0200

To request a Risk Assessment for a linked Business Partner Site, go to the menu Sustainability - Sustainability Profiles, and select the Business Partner that you want to work with. Then, select their producer site.

Afterwards, on the Site Sustainability Profile, click on “Actions” on the top right corner and on “Request Risk Assessment for BEPI”.


Note that only one Risk Assessment (RA) can be requested per site at the same time. If there is already an ongoing RA for this site, the option will be disabled, as shown below:


The Risk Assessment is automatically configured based on the Site Details, mainly the processes selected by the Business Partner. However, once you have successfully requested the RA, you will be redirected to a screen where you can add additional Performance Areas (optional step) to the ones that are automatically assigned to your business partners:


At this screen, you can click on “Edit Selection” and select performance areas that you want to make sure that are covered in the RA of your business partner. As an example, you might add EPA 2- Energy & Climate to your business partners if this Performance Area was identified as material to your company in your materiality assessment. Remember that this is an optional step since the RA questionnaire will be automatically configured based on the Site Details (mainly their amfori Process Classification), and that adding too many Performance Areas may increase the workload of your Business Partners.

You and all the members linked to this business partners will have one week to do this optional selection. The Business Partner Site will only receive/see the Risk Assessment (RA) once this one-week time window is completed.

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