Are SMETA audits recognized by amfori BSCI

Modified on: 2022-03-03 11:06:22 +0100

SMETA audits are not recognized by amfori BSCI.

Although there are MOUs in place with SEDEX, the areas of business we focused on were capacity building and audit integrity.

For recognition of other systems, we have taken a due diligence approach which include two main criteria:

  • Content: a potential recognized system should at least cover all ILO Core Conventions, ILO approach with regard working conditions and overtime, all amfori BSCI elements of OHS (including OHS risk assessment) and verify minimum wage payment.
  • System: a potential recognized system should have proper and transparent control and procedures concerning governance (e.g. who is responsible to develop, update and maintain the system); integrity (e.g. what are the procedures and mechanisms in place to address and investigate and system integrity concern) and last but not least auditor’s competence (e.g. what are the procedures and mechanisms in place to guarantee standardize good audits through ensuring auditors’ competence)

Further, SMETA does not offer any of the amfori BSCI system's elements of governance, integrity and competence.

Therefore, amfori BSCI cannot recommend its participants accept SMETA audits as part of the amfori BSCI due diligence approach.

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