Does my producer qualify for a Small Producer Assessment (SPA)?

Modified on: 2022-07-25 16:01:50 +0200

A producer may classify for a Small Producer Assessment (SPA) if all the conditions below are met:

  • Independent business unit: The small producer must not be a branch or part of a group
  • 35 workers: Over the last 12 months prior to audit request, the small producer has employed
    directly or indirectly a maximum of 35 workers, including permanent and seasonal workers
    (seasonal workers should not be employed for a longer period than 90 days per year) 
  • Annual turnover: Equal or below 2 million EUR
  • Manufacturer: It is a food or non-food manufacturer or processor, but not a farm

The SPA has the following elements:

  • it follows the BSCI audit scheduling, audit validity and rating (incl 13 performance areas)
  • it is semi-announced by default (full- and follow-up audit)
  • a small producer self-declaration, not older than 2 months, is a precondition to request an audit
  • the self-declaration must be assessed by both, the RSP-holder and eventually the auditor

For further information, please refer to the amfori BSCI system manual (member login required), Annex 12: How to assess a small producer, page 274 - in the attachment.

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