What are the BEPI improvement activities?

Modified on: 2022-10-17 15:06:26 +0200

Depending on the Risk Results of your Business Partners, you will be able to assign Improvement Activities to either mitigate or prevent risks. The portfolio of Improvement Activities for BEPI includes

- Capacity Building (through amfori Academy)
- the Environmental Monitoring (on-site monitoring activity with Corrective Action Plan for continuous improvement)
- Consultancy (topical on-site activity with a local expert)
- the module of Chemical Management in Fashion (in partnership with ZDHC). 

Please refer to the flowcharts below: the first chart explains amfori's general recommendations for Improvement Activities while the second one is a flowchart with recommendations for business partners from Textile, Footwear or Leather sectors, with the sector specific activity in partnership with ZDHC:



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