How to view the Risk Assessment results of a Business Partner?

Modified on: 2022-10-17 16:04:45 +0200

You can follow up the Risk Assessments from your Business Partners through the menu Risk Assessment, on the amfori Sustainability Platform.

In the Ongoing sub-menu, you will find the Ongoing Risk Assessments screen. On the top of the screen, you can find the RAs that are on the one-week time-window for selection of performance areas (Select Performance Areas). Below this list, you will see the In progress list with the RAs that your BPs are busy with at the moment:


In the Results sub-menu, you can see the completed risk assessments and their results (once your linked business partners finish filling in all the questions and submit the questionnaires):


Note that you can see the results of all linked business partners (even if you were not the member requesting the RA). The RSP concept is not applicable to the Risk Assessment.
The Risk Results screen is composed of a column chart (the length of it is proportional to the risk score – the longer the riskier) and a risk label per Performance Area assessed (LowLow-mediumMedium-highHighVery high).


Risk scores are calculated based on the Site’s management practices in each Performance Area. They identify if/where there is room for improvement of management practices. A high (or very high) risk indicates that there is a risk that current practices are not enough to avoid environmental impacts. It is a tool used to help you (and your Business Partners) to understand where to prioritize improvements (where to focus efforts). 
Note that the “Generic” session is not rated (this is where key quantitative data is collected and key metrics are calculated, including the CO2-equivalent emissions. Click on  (on the right side) to access the reports submitted by the Business Partners and to check the calculated values.

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