How's the risk score calculated?

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Risk scores are calculated based on the Site’s management practices in each Performance Area. They identify if/where there is room for improvement of management practices. A high (or very high) risk indicates that there is a risk that current practices are not enough to avoid environmental impacts. It is a tool used to help you (and your Business Partners) to understand where to prioritize improvements (where to focus efforts).


Note that the “Generic” session is not rated (this is where key quantitative data is collected and key metrics are calculated, including the CO2-equivalent emissions. Click on (on the right side) to access the reports submitted by the Business Partners and to check the calculated values.
The energy-related CO2-equivalent calculations are automatically done in the platform (when Business Partners fill in their energy consumption data) and are readily available inside the “Generic” template. As an example, see below the summary table that members can see at the bottom of the “Generic” report with the calculated key metrics.


This is a test example of a Plastic products manufacturer that declared their production in kilograms (kg). You can see the yearly average water intensity (how many liters of water were required to produce one kg of products), the energy intensity (how many kWh were required to produce one kg of products), the waste intensity (how many kg of waste were generated to produce one kg of product) and the CO2-equivalent intensity or Greenhouse Gas (GHG )intensity (how many kg of energy-related CO2-eq were emitted to produce one kg of product) for the 3 declared years.

Note that it is mandatory that Business Partners report on at least one year of quantitative data in the Generic questionnaire, with the optional possibility to report on up to 3 years (to keep track of historical evolution). If they only report on one year, only “Year 1” will be completed with data.
The screen also shows a table with the summary of self-declared environmental incidents, grievances and legal cases (extracted from EPA 1 – Environmental Management System) and their status (Solved, In Progress or Not Yet Initiated)

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