How do I start the Risk Assessment, as a producer?

Modified on: 2022-10-17 14:25:30 +0200

Click on View My Ongoing Risk Assessment to find your Risk Assessment questionnaire. Alternatively, you can login to the amfori Sustainability Platform, go to My Risk Assessment > Ongoing on the left navigation panel to find the Risk Assessments requested for your Site(s):


In My ongoing Risk Assessment , you will see your newly requested Risk Assessment with the status Waiting for site confirmation.


Please click on the Risk Assessment and carefully revise your site profile information:


If you're sure that all your site details are correct, please confirm that you verified your profile and that it is updated by ticking the following box:


You will now see your Risk Assessment questionnaire with sections assigned to you.

The status of your Risk Assessment will change to In progress until you finish filling in all the questions and submitting the questionnaire sections. 

Attention: If you do not complete your amfori process classification and do not declare your Water Stress situation, you will not be able to start your Risk Assessment and will see the following error message at the bottom of the Risk Assessment page:


You'll have to update your site details and provide the required information by clicking on the blue link (please update it here). Once updated, you'll be able to move forward.

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