How to request a multitier audit on the Sustainability platform?

Modified on: 2022-02-10 14:25:35 +0100

Multi-tier audits are only applicable when a member’s supply chain is mapped beyond tier 1 on the amfori Sustainability Platform, i.e. beyond food processors or packhouses. Before you can initiate a mulit-tier audit, please ask your Business Partner to add at least one Farm under their amfori ID. 

The producer can do so under Sustainability Network > Map new business relation > select amfori classification Farm
Please note that members cannot add Farms for the multi-tier audit.


Once the Business Partner has mapped a farm, the RSP holder of the producer can request the multi tier audit under Monitoring > Request new Monitoring > Activity: amfori BSCI Multi-tier audit

The 4th step will show the list of available next-tier sites where you need to select the farm, which were added by your business partner.


For detailed information about the multi-tier audit request, kindly refer to the handbook for members available here:

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