How to request a full audit on the Sustainability platform?

Modified on: 2022-02-10 14:26:53 +0100

First, you need to make sure you have the RSP on the relevant business partner (go to Sustainability and then RSP) as only the RSP holder can request a monitoring activity.

To submit an audit request, please follow the steps described below:

1. Log in to the platform, click on Monitoring and then Requested 

2. Click on Request Monitoring


3. Monitored Party – Select the business partner and the site that you would like to monitor. You can use the filters to find the relevant business partner.

4. Site – If the business partner has multiple sites, select the site that needs to be audited

5. Request Info 
  • Initiative: amfori BSCI or amfori BEPI (the BEPI initiative will be included in the Sustainability platform at a future stage)
  • Monitoring activity: amfori BSCI social audit or Small Producer Assessment (< 35 workers) or Multi-tier
  • Announcement Type: semi-announced by default
  • Requested time window: From must be two weeks from now and the time window span should be at least four weeks.


6. Next Tier Sites - This will only be possible if your Business Partner has next tier sites available and if you select "Multi-tier" in the Monitoring activity.

7. Monitoring Partner – Select the monitoring partner that will conduct the audit and then click on Request. Please note that only the monitoring partners that have capacity in the business partner’s country will appear in this list.

The request is now sent to the selected monitoring partner, who has 5 days to confirm it.

Once you have successfully requested a monitoring, you can see the requested activity and its status under the Monitoring > Requested tab. See the ‘Status’ column:


Semi-announced audits: Please note that the audit request can’t progress if your business partner doesn’t acknowledge the audit and insert unavailability dates once the monitoring partner has confirmed the audit.

For further guidance, please also consult our Guide for the amfori Sustainability Platform.

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