How to take the RSP for a Business Partner?

Modified on: 2022-02-10 14:26:03 +0100

To take the RSP for one of your business partners, please make sure you are linked to them and follow the below steps:

Log in to the platform, click on Sustainability and then RSP 


2. Select filter on the right top to select the correct initiative (amfori BSCI or amfori BEPI). Only initiatives in which you participate in will be displayed. RSP is taken for each initiative separately.

3. On the top of the page, you can see the RSP overview of business relations and Claimable RSPs.


  • My RSP: your company has RSP for these business partners (only you can request audits for them)
  • Others’ RSP: the RSP is taken by another member
  • No RSP: the business partner is linked to at least one amfori member but none of them currently has RSP
  • My unlinked RSP: business partners for whom you have RSP but to whom you are not linked. You should release RSP or add them to your supply chain
  • My RSP claimable: other members can take RSP for your producers
  • Other’s RSP claimable: you are able to take RSP from other linked members

4. Further below you will see the list of your business partners and you can filter that list according to the available options to find the business partner for which you can take RSP:

§ amfori ID 
§ Name 
§ Country 
§ # of sites 


5. Once you’ve found your business partner, click on the green circle on the right and then click on Take RSP (use the same selection if you would like to Release RSP)


6. A green message will appear on top of the screen to confirm you’ve taken RSP for this business partner.

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