How to request a follow-up audit on the Sustainability platform?

Modified on: 2022-02-10 14:28:55 +0100

In order to book a follow-up audit for your producer, please go to the Continuous Improvement section on the amfori sustainability platform and do the following steps:

1. Go to Sustainability and then, to Continuous Improvement
2. Select your Business Partner


3. Select the site of the Business Partner for the follow-up audit

4. Click on Request follow-up in the top right corner


5. Select a monitoring company


6. Confirm the follow-up monitoring request

The status of the follow-up monitoring request can be checked under Monitoring > Requested.
The follow-up audit ID is a version of the full audit, e.g. Full Monitoring ID: 20-00001 and Follow-up Monitoring ID is then: 20-00001-01

For further guidance, please also consult our Guide for the amfori Sustainability Platform.

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